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Creating Dream Experiences Nationwide

Jody's Dream is an event and experience planning agency. We assist you by providing full service options, start to finish, and collaborate with you to ensure flawless execution of your event. We produce memorable and unique experiences of all shapes, sizes, and styles, including corporate events, galas, yacht parties, birthday parties, dinners and more.

From planning, styling, florals, lighting, rentals, stationery, party favors and coordination our service is highly personal. 


Dreaming is a form of planning, so together, let's recreate our dreams. 

We Stand Behind It


Join – it’s human nature to form communities and join together, and our team works to create a vibe that brings people together. 

Optimistic – Change your mindset and it will change your life. Optimism is essential to creating your dream outcome. It's not a matter of if things will go not accordingly to plan, but what will happen when they do. We work hard to ensure we don't add additional stress to your plate. You already have a lot to manage, so we hope to gain your trust by finding a way to find the silver lining and pivot when things seem to go haywire.

Dream – Dream big and keep dreaming, until you catch it. 

You – You play an important role in all things. We cannot make your dream happen without you, so everything we do, we do it with you at the center. 

That's the Jody Way. 

Meet Jody


While still working in the public relations industry, she began to pay closer attention to the aspects of PR that she was most passionate about. Thinking back to what made her decide to dive headfirst into the PR industry, she realized that she had a deep passion for planning and executing creative ideas that made a positive lasting impression on the lives of others. She then decided to follow that passion and coordinated her very first event in 2018. Jody’s Dream was born out of her passion for strategizing and making someone’s dream come to life.


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